Posted by: EVMConsulting.Com | January 24, 2018

Does Your Organization Need EVM or Scheduling support in 2018? Need IBR training or support? Wanna Save $ by not hiring full time staff? We can help!

If we cannot help or are busy with a current assignment, we will get you in touch with someone who can! Drop us an email today @ with your organizational needs. Our staff of experts have extensive experience in the following:

-EVM (Earned Value Management) reports (COBRA, MS Project, wInsight, MPM, etc.)

-IMS (Integrated Master Schedules) in MS Project and other software

-Analysis of your current EVMS system to get you on the road towards a VR (Validation Review)

-PMR Reporting to include Cost (to include EVM) & Schedule (14-point and DCMA/GAO standards) metrics and insights.

-EVM training for staff, management, analysts or CAM’s (Control/Cost Account Managers)

-IBR (Integrated Baseline Review) training

-IBR preparation

-Risk Mitigation

-FITARA preparation & enforcement

-proposal support (include schedules for proposal efforts)

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