Posted by: EVMConsulting.Com | February 6, 2013

Earned Value Management (EVM) in an Agile Environment

It has been a long while since my past entry, so Happy 2013 everyone. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. I also hope we see a resolution to the sequester here soon. Some teamwork and moderation is long overdue in Washington DC. Compromise is not a bad thing in my eyes. We all probably know compromise quite well in our line of work, so perhaps Congress needs some EVM! Our projected IEACs are definitely pretty scary!

Recently I was asked to right a paper on EVM and Agile. I found that entertaining because I had very little exposure to Agile, but welcomed the challenge. There are varying viewpoints out there if EVM can coexisit in an Agile environment. I would love to hear your thoughts. At first glance, the funding structure of an Agile project/program is quite challenging. I believe this limits many people out of the gate. However, if you are already in a daily standup covering your progress the day before and what is being done today, what better time and place to do EVM?

Let’s hear from you. What are your thoughts, experiences and observations?

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